Social Media vs. Viewership

Ratings vs Social

  • Facebook fans were fewer than estimated on-air viewership at the start of season 1 (September 16, 2013 estimated total viewers was just over 2 million and total Facebook fans was about 1.44 million), however Facebook fan quickly grew. As of the launch of Season 2, Facbeook fans were approximately five time on-air viewership (September 12, 2014 estimated total viewers was about 1.27 million and total Facebook fans was about 6.34 million).
  • Facebook fans have now exceeded Queen Latifah’s Twitter followers, which were already at 5.5 million at show launch.
  • On Facebook we have repeatedly seen millions of impressions, including September 15, 2015 which saw our most impressions ever at 25 million impressions. This translates to almost 10 million unique people who saw our content on Facebook that day.
  • Twitter followers and engagement has not seen much growth, despite our increase in content and engagement over the last several months. Based on our research and surveys, we’ve found that our demo of The Queen Latifah Show is not active on Twitter as they are on Facebook. Twitter has also seen a decrease in active users over the last several years due to the growing popularity of Instagram and its partnership with Facebook.
  • Over the course of the last year, ratings have seen a decrease and a leveling off, compared to our engagement online.

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