Paid Social Media

Queen Latifah Sponsored Facebook

I have been solely responsible for paid social media at The Queen Latifah Show. Focusing only on Facebook (where the demo most closely matches our target demo), we have had huge successes. See reporting below:

November Sweeps Campaign:

  • Lowest CPC at $0.04 with the average at $0.12. We were able to maintain similar performance to the last campaign despite increased competition typically associated with EOY and holidays.
  • CTR as high as 13.7% and an average of 6.6%
  • 2.6MM video views
  • 2.61MM video views at a $0.01 CPVV – one of the lowest CPVVs Adaptly’s seen across all verticals.
  • 20% of video views to completion.

September Launch Campaign:

  • Lowest CPC at $0.04 with the average of $0.08 CPC
  • Highest CTR at 9.0% and average at 6.8%. (Adaptly: these numbers far exceed the performance we’ve seen across the majority of campaigns. Top performing campaigns usually net out at about$0.30 and a 2-3% CTR.)
  • 2.6MM video views at a $0.02 CPV – by far the lowest cost Adaptly’s seen historically!
  • ~46% of total video views to 95% of video length.
  • Maintained high CTRs and low CPCs by employing post-relevant targeting.

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