Nautical Nails!

Originally created for as part of a partnership with CoverGirl

What says “summer” better than a trend straight from the ocean? Nothing? That’s what we thought! That’s why we put together this incredibly-easy nautical-inspired nail tutorial:

Nautical Nails

First, we started out by painting our nails in a bright blue polish. We went for “Out of the Blue” CoverGirl outlast stay brilliant nail gloss.

Nautical Nails

After your blue has dried completely, (COMPLETELY!!) cut tape into strips about one-quarter inch thick tape (we used scotch, but you can also use painters tape or if you’re fancy you can get nail tape). Lay the strips in straight lines on your “accent nail” (whichever nail you choose – or go crazy and do them all!) at an even distance apart.

Nautical Nails

Paint one coat of white polish over the whole “accent nail” with a white polish. We used CoverGirl outlast stay brilliant nail gloss in “Snow Storm.” Apply a second coat and after waiting about one minute, remove the tape carefully. (Waiting too long to remove the tape can cause the tape to pull on the paint.)

Voila! Apply your top coat and you’re ready to sail the high seas!

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