Becoming a Bride: THE Dress (part 2)

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Stephanie here again! I work for The Queen Latifah Show and I’m planning my wedding. With help from wedding professionals, bloggers, and brides, I’m helping you find answers to all of your wedding questions in my Becoming a Bride series.

To uncover the best advice about bridal gowns, I asked Lori Conley, David’s Bridal Senior Merchant. She gave me so much great information, it was impossible to fit into one post! Part 1 of this interview covered what to do (and not do) before your first bridal dress-shopping appointment.

Now that we have the basics down, Lori shared a few tricks of the trade about dress shapes and waists. She was very clear that these are not hard and fast rules (and rules are made to be broken!).

Dress shapes:

  • A-line dresses are flattering for pretty much any body type, no matter your size or shape.Ball gown dresses are great for someone with no curves and is looking to add them. Petite brides generally have a hard time wearing this shape because she might be overwhelmed by the skirt.
  • Mermaid shapes are for someone who is looking to show off the hard sweat they’ve put in pre-wedding. (Meaning, if you don’t already have great curves, it might be hard for you to rock this shape). It will also make you look longer so it’s great for shorter girls.
  • Sheath or column dresses are great for slim and tall or petite brides. They emphasize length so it can make a tall girl look elegant and elongate a petite bride.
  • Short dresses are great if you want to show off toned legs or great shoes.


  • An empire waist falls just beneath bust. This cut is great for camouflaging a larger belly or hips.
  • A drop waist means it falls below your waist. This cut will accentuate great hips.
  • A natural waist is the most common. It cinches in the smallest part of your waist. It’s a great way to make your tummy look tiny!

Now what trends in bridal gowns are seeing a rise in popularity? Lori selects gowns that make it to all David’s Bridal’s stores so she gets to see all of the trends as they emerge. This is what she’s been noticing:

  • “One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is coverage – necklines and sleeves,” Lori says. “A lot is inspired by Kate (Middleton)’s dress and has made its way to mainstream.” She explains that more coverage doesn’t mean matronly; it’s done in a modern way, still showing off some skin. For example she says a long sleeve gown might have a sexy low back.
  • “Back interest is so important,” Lori explains, because your “exit is as important as your entrance.” Lace “tattoos” have become popular – that’s when a lace design is set on illusion netting so it looks like it’s floating on your skin. Also, bejeweled backs are popular.
  • “Soft and airy fabrications are a trend,” Lori dishes. She’s talking about light lace, tool, chiffon, and organza. What’s better? These fabrics are way more comfortable than satin and taffeta. Win!

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