Becoming a Bride: Should You Watch Bridal TV?

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We’ve all heard of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC, right? For some brides, watching other gals slip on those billowy dresses is a guilty pleasures. For others, an obsession. Me? I avoided that show like the plague before I went dress shopping. I had the misconception that the show was full of millionaire bridezillas, and somehow if I got too close, “bridezilla” was a plague I could catch.

On one lazy Sunday afternoon, Netflix lured me into Season 1 of Say Yes to the Dress. To my surprise, the stories the show features are much more relateable. Yes, all of those brides have a bigger budget than I do – all of them. And yes, there are some bridezillas. But they also show curvy girls squeezing into dresses 3 sizes too small, petite brides drowning in dresses 3 sizes too big, brides struggling with their budget, and less-than-supportive (and overly excited) shopping partners. These are things any bride can relate too. And I actually learned a few things from watching what other brides did – or didn’t – do (first and foremost: never try on a dress you know you can’t afford and always tell your consultant your budget up front so you don’t run into the former problem.)

So, to answer my question, I say YES to bridal TV! And that has me excited to announce TLC’s two brand new shows about wedding gowns! Here’s a little peek:


premieres Friday, July 25 at 10PM (ET/PT) on TLC

In Bride By Design, Alabama-based bridal designer Heidi Elnora thinks every bride is one of a kind, and should have a custom gown to match. Heidi has made it her mission to help women turn the wedding dress of their dreams into reality. A Project Runway alum, Heidi knows how to inject that “Southern sparkle” into the modern girl’s wedding. This show follows Heidi as she creates custom gowns that go from inspiration and sketching to sewing, fitting and the final dress. Through Heidi’s “Build-a-Bride” collection, her brides-to-be can start with a classic dress and then effortlessly add on ready-made pieces such as lace, peplum, sleeves or sparkle. This 30-minute special highlights how Heidi’s brides can really put their personalities into their dresses – everything from a “farm fresh” theme to a “summer glam” dream.



premieres Friday, August 1 at 10PM (ET/PT) on TLC

In Curvy Brides, the savvy Harris sisters own a unique bridal salon where curvy brides experience their dream of finding the perfect wedding dress. This Maryland-based boutique shows viewers how the ideal gown can come in all shapes and sizes. While many brides would love to walk down the aisle in a beautiful designer gown, these couture dresses are not as easily accessible for curvier women. After having trouble finding a designer gown to fit her curvy figure for her own wedding, Yukia Harris along with her sister Yuneisia became determined to alter this experience for all future full-figured brides. Curvy Brides follows the sisters of Curvaceous Couture on their quest to help women of every shape seamlessly slip into the gown of their dreams. After starting in their father’s basement, the Harris sisters put no limits on what they can offer their brides, from sequins and satin to organza and lace. Curvy Brides kicks off with a 30-minute special featuring a fuchsia gown, a mermaid-inspired style, and a bride’s final fitting which produces very unexpected results.

Would you watch these shows? Both? Neither? Tell me in the comments!

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